Artist Interview: Jack Doherty

Artist Interview: Jack Doherty

Millie Cluzan at Maud & Mabel interviewed Jack Doherty in October 2022, in the lead up to his solo exhibition Vocation
Detail of ceramics vessel in white with navy blue and red painterly marks

Poetic Evocations: Wintry Colours

Just as the dropping temperature and dark days can make us feel cold and sombre, and warm interiors and twinkling lights can make us feel warm and cosy, colours can elicit specific feelings and senses. 
A nozzle to an opening of a soda firing kiln

Soda Firing: Marked by Flame

Soda firing is a firing technique where a vapour glaze made of sodium oxide (soda) glazes the clay body of the pottery during the firing process.
Nicola Tassie Ceramicist

Best of British Ceramics - Ceramicist Spotlight

Contemporary Ceramics and its recognition as an art form has, rightfully, progressed considerably since 1940, when Bernard Leach wrote that ‘very few people in this country think of the making of pottery as an art’.