Seijaku / Stillness: The Gravity of Time

Seijaku / Stillness: The Gravity of Time

Objects bearing the weight of time take on a dignified presence, inviting viewers to appreciate its resilience and observe its strength against the test of time.
Kireina: Beauty in Simplicity

Kireina: Beauty in Simplicity

The Japanese word kireina (綺麗な) can translate to ‘beautiful’, ‘neat’ and ‘clean’, a polysemy conflation reflecting a ponderance of beauty in simplicity. These aesthetic concepts are at the heart of wabi-sabi...
Detail of ceramics vessel in white with navy blue and red painterly marks

Poetic Evocations: Wintry Colours

Just as the dropping temperature and dark days can make us feel cold and sombre, and warm interiors and twinkling lights can make us feel warm and cosy, colours can elicit specific feelings and senses. 
Oseibo at Maud & Mabel

Oseibo at Maud & Mabel: A Season of Giving Thanks

Oseibo is a Japanese winter gift-giving tradition, a time where people show each other gratitude and give thanks to those that have shown you kindness during the year.  Oseibo, meaning ‘year-end’, is often presented mid-December, as an expression of appreciation and recognition.

Tsukimi: Honouring the Moon

Tsukimi: Honouring the Moon By Erin Niimi Longhurst

We are excited to share our first collaboration with Erin Niimi Longhurst,  author of Japonisme, Omoiyari and A Little Book of Japanese Contentments, who will be sharing pieces inspired by our latest exhibitions and collections, with a focus on Japanese philosophy.