Chloé Rosetta and Celia Dowson 'Of Water' IIII
Chloé Rosetta and Celia Dowson 'Of Water' IIII
Chloé Rosetta and Celia Dowson 'Of Water' IIII
Chloé Rosetta and Celia Dowson 'Of Water' IIII
Chloé Rosetta and Celia Dowson 'Of Water' IIII

Chloé Rosetta and Celia Dowson 'Of Water' IIII

Maker: Chloé Rosetta Bell

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Handmade in UK


Plate: H 2cm x Ø 26cm

Large Sake Cup: H 13cm x Ø 6.5cm

Small Sake Cup: H 6cm x Ø 4.5cm


Plate: A blend of stoneware and locally sourced wild clay.

Sake Cups: Glass


Plate: Hand-thrown and Hand-forged 

Sake Cups: Moulding and Casting 

Care:  Handle with care, avoid harsh chemicals, protect against extreme temperatures, and periodically inspect for any signs of wear or damage.



Chloé Rosetta Bell and Celia Dowson's collaborative set, an exquisite fusion of stoneware and glass, is a testament to the harmonious dialogue between art and nature, expertly embodying the enchanting and varying qualities of water.

Chloé's stoneware and wild clay plates, adorned with brass and seaweed, serve as a compelling portal into the Earth's coastal essence. The brass plate within, reminiscent of sun-kissed treasures on the ocean floor, evokes a connection between land and sea. The surrounding stoneware and wild clay, mirroring the rugged coast, create a textured backdrop, seamlessly merging with the sea's influence. Specks of brown and shades of grey weave a narrative where land and sea are intertwined.

Celia's apricot-tinted glasses, gracefully perched on Chloé's plate, add a captivating layer to the ensemble. This glass works mirror the fluid grace of water, and their soft orange gradients complement the rich, earthy tones of the stoneware plates. Its glassy, smooth curves mimic water's serene nature. The circular openings and confident bodies held atop a flat, strong surface echo the sea's depth in miniature.

Together, Chloé and Celia's creations sing a soft harmony, where the intricate interplay of glass and stoneware symbolise the different natures of water - soft and rugged, smooth and textured. This set stands as a tribute to their profound and distinct relationships to water, where the two artists have beautifully merged their unique voices into a seamless, flowing narrative of water's inspiration.


About the Artists

Chloé Rosetta Bell is a ceramicist who graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2019. Material-focused and primarily working in clay, her work is driven by her relationship with the land surrounding her home on the Isle of Wight. Situated in the Undercliff, it is one of the largest areas of urban landslip in Europe. Her practice seeks to create a tangible, physical celebration of this windswept landscape, and the livelihoods dependent on a specific landscape in general.

Chloé’s work is research-based. She will study materials, narratives and stories within a specific landscape to inform her collections. In one instance, she developed unique glazes from oyster shells at Porthilly Oyster Farm and chalk residue produced from washing Halen Môn’s sea salt. This method of research-based practice speaks to both how she creates and what she is saying with her work. Rosetta Bell creates an object that is at once beautiful in form, shape and texture. But, what is just as intriguing is how she does this whilst creating a physical and sensory piece of record of her landscape; a collision point between man and nature. Her work preserves her natural surroundings and the human livelihoods that depend upon it.

Celia Dowson is a graduate of the Royal College of Art, where she specialised in both ceramics and art. Prior to this, she completed her BA Hons in Ceramic Design from the University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins. Dowson exhibits internationally and her work is included in two museum collections - Bullseye Projects, USA and New Taipei City Yingge Ceramic Museum, Taiwan. She has received a number of awards including a Bullseye Glass Award (2022), Wallpaper* Design Award (2020), FRANZ Rising Star Award (2019) and the Charlotte Fraser Award (2018). In 2017, Dowson received the Tom Helme Scholarship from the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust.