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Popalini & Jezando Chapel Top Tea Bowl (33)


Dimensions: W 10 cm x H 6 cm

Materials: Cornish Stoneware, Iron Wash.

Method:  Wood- fired with Soda

Care Required: Dishwasher safe but hand washing recommended

Capacity: 110ml

Please Note: As all pieces are hand made, exact form and finish may vary.


We recommend pairing these tea bowls with the Chapel Top Teapot (33).



A beautiful bowl made with Cornish stoneware and wood-fired with soda. Popalini & Jezando‘s use of an iron wash, finishes this exquisite form both functionally, aesthetically pleasing to the eye and creating a tactile exterior, comfortable to hold with your hands, making a special brewing experience. The form creates a unique space accentuating the crystallised stoneware of the interior.

The soda firing has resulted in created unique patterns, textures and colours on the exterior of this piece, including a crystallised touch to the interior. They are usually fired for about 40 hours and the soda usually hits the pots on just one side. This contrast is important to Popalini & Jezando, as it gives their work the unique qualities that it has. 


About the Artist: 

Working together under the name Popalini & Jezando, Pop Wilkinson and Jez Anderson make collaboratively designed pots, with a particular focus on teaware. They take influence from the traditional pottery of North Devon, which is where they are both from, and also from the subtle understated forms they admired whilst researching wood-firing in Japan.

The often angular forms of their pots are contrasted with soft tactile elements that together celebrate the materiality of clay while at the same time pairing technical complexity with visual simplicity and function. Within their process Popalini & Jezando exploit elemental methods such as wood-firing and the use of ash glazes and wild clays to imbue their contemporary forms with an ancient, earthy quality.

Popalini & Jezando Chapel Top Tea Bowl (33)



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