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Emelie Abrahamsson is an emerging ceramic artist based in Hönö, an island in the Swedish archipelago. Since 2018, she has been working with ceramics, opening her own working studio in 2021 in her grandfather's old boathouse. Today, she runs her own company called  mliceceramics, with a strong focus on raw clay traditionally formed into soft, organic shapes - modern ceramic pieces combining art, design and functionality. 

Abrahamsson’s body of work entitled Curves exemplifies the artist’s preference for working with natural textures and strong shapes on a large-scale - realised through building up and sculpting stoneware clay incrementally using the hand building technique of coiling. Motivated by the history and soul of the ceramic tradition, Abrahamsson maintains a childlike curiosity for materiality and ways to understand her surroundings - cultivated within her through her youth spent in Hönö and her early inquisitions into the land and ocean around her. 

“I work with clay. That’s what I do. Building up and sculpturing stoneware clay bit by bit.  As I use the coiling technique to sculpt my ceramic pieces, the main tool is my hands. I want to simultaneously create a timeless, unique and modern product. During the years when I grew up in Hönö, I was always curious about new materials and different ways to understand my surroundings, both on land and in the ocean. My curiosity as a child still lives within me every time I start building a new ceramic piece. I want my work and design to both impact its surroundings and to stand strong alone - to feel elegant in its environment. I love to work with natural textures and large shapes, but what inspires me the most must be the history and soul of the ceramic tradition.  I am thankful to be a part of the ceramic tradition” - Emelie Abrahamsson





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