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Marina Spyropoulos 9K Yellow Gold Hand Forged Chain Bracelet


Handmade in England. 

Stunning yellow 9K gold hand forged chain bracelet with 23 links and dainty gold chain clasp detail.

Dimensions: Chain - 18cm   



"Traditions learned during a childhood spent in Greece - collecting pebbles on the beaches of the idyllic Cycladic island of Naxos, lighting candles with my grandparents in churches decked with gold and precious icons, gazing at displays of ancient gold jewellery on museum visits to Athens - are an enduring influence on my work

After studying Fine Art at the Byam Shaw School of Art in London, I found my focus drawn to metalwork, welding and forging. I travelled throughout South and Central America heading for Taxco, the centre of silversmithing in Mexico. I studied the craft there, before moving to west London where I have had a jewellery studio for the past 30 years.

I handcraft in 18 karat gold and my jewellery is made to be worn everyday. My hope is that the warmth and healing properties of the gold and stones that I use become part of an individual's story. The nature of the way I work makes every piece unique. I have recently begun making my own chains. Each one takes many hours to make, but I love the meditative process of soldering each individual link and allowing little pools of gold solder to form and become part of the design. These chains are delicate and organic yet enduringly strong - the ideal starting point on which to suspend a collection of treasures, beautiful stones and charms."

Marina Spyropoulos 9K Yellow Gold Hand Forged Chain Bracelet



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