Craig Bamford 'Wind dance'
Craig Bamford 'Wind dance'
Craig Bamford 'Wind dance'
Craig Bamford 'Wind dance'

Craig Bamford 'Wind dance'

Maker: Craig Bamford

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Handmade in UK

Dimensions: H 55cm x W 9cm

Materials: Silver, steel and a found object.

Method: Handcrafted

Care: Dust lightly using a natural cloth, being careful on the more delicate parts



Craig Bamford's latest creation is a captivating tribute to the element of water. This striking sculpture stands upon a small base, supported by four elegant legs. Rising from the base is a tall, slender line that cradles a small rectangular block at its base. At its peak, a broad, flat sun disk awaits, gently responding to the slightest touch.

The sculpture moves with delicate grace, evoking the serene flow of water. The sun disk, crafted from brass, reflects light with a shimmer reminiscent of the sun's dance on water. The rectangular block at the sculpture's foundation symbolises stability and grounding within the fluidity of the piece, akin to a rock in a flowing stream.

Bamford's creation resonates with his profound words about water's role in the creative process. Water takes centre stage, with its inherent flow and formlessness, able to nourish and fill all spaces it encounters. The sculpture embodies the cyclical journey of water, from its purest form in mountain rains to its transformation through various uses, culminating in purification through evaporation and its return as rain.

This artwork beautifully captures the purity and cyclical rhythm of water, symbolising the perfect balance in our universe. It reflects the artist's dedication to encapsulating this essence, allowing viewers to tangibly connect with the profound and cyclical journey of water, life, and the cosmos.


About the Artist

SASA Works is the vision of artist, architect, designer and master craftsman Craig Bamford. Raised in Kenya, Bamford was here significantly influenced by the wild landscape and a notable focus on the handmade - informing his founding philosophies and motivating him to pursue studies in metalwork, carpentry and architecture. Drawing on these disciplines, Bamford explores the poetics of space with a strong emphasis on writing, drawing and painting as part of his process. Working alongside a small team of artisans, Bamford creates collections and spaces with a unique sense of style, formed through a relationship to materials that are locally sourced, reclaimed and reimagined to illuminate their own unique story.