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Kate Schuricht Small Raku Vessel


Artist: Kate Schuricht is an established British ceramic artist working in raku and stoneware. Kate studied Three Dimensional Design at the University of Brighton, specialising in ceramics and visual research. After graduating in 1996, Kate was selected for an international ceramic residency in Japan, where she worked alongside established Japanese, Korean and American artists. Today Kate has her studio at home in rural Kent. In 1998, Kate was awarded the highly prized Crafts Council Setting Up Grant. Now a Professional Member of the Crafts Potters Association, she has completed commissions for a number of private and public collections, including British Airways, the British Embassy in St Petersburg, Craftspace and Cowley Manor. Her work is collected worldwide.

Description: This understated, elegant vessel with its gently tapered form is truly unique; exhibiting a chalky white exterior glaze with a fine web of delicate crackled patterning from its raku firing. While the lower half is gently covered with glaze, the top half remains bare and pure, reflecting the colour and raw, matte texture of the stoneware clay body. To the touch, this presents a subtle contrast between the silky smooth glaze and the finely grainy raw body.

Raku firing is a spontaneous process that captures the moment of creation in a dramatic and immediate way. Originating from ancient Japanese firings, glazed pieces are rapidly heated in a gas kiln to approximately 1000 degrees celsius. Once the glaze is molten, the pieces are removed and quickly covered in sawdust. As the sawdust hits the glazed pots, it burns into the surface, delineating the glaze in a range of crackles. Any unglazed areas are either blackened by the smoke or softly dappled with shades of grey. The raku process ensures that no two pieces are ever the same. The distinctive crackles are truly unique.  

Material: Stoneware

Method: Hand-thrown; raku fired 

Dimensions: H 12.5cm x W 4.5cm

Origin: Made in the UK

Care: Raku fired ceramics are decorative pieces and are not watertight or suitable for food use. Glass inserts are provided for use inside raku vases. To clean raku pots, gently wipe with a damp, lint-free cloth. Please display smoky raku ceramics and wood away from direct sunlight.

Kate Schuricht Small Raku Vessel



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