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Kouzo Takeuchi sculptural Vessel 5
Kouzo Takeuchi sculptural Vessel 5
Kouzo Takeuchi sculptural Vessel 5

Kouzo Takeuchi sculptural Vessel 5

Maker: Kouzo Takeuchi

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Handmade in Japan

Dimensions: W 24cm x L 10cm x H 10cm

Materials: Black clay 

Method:  Hand built

Care: Watertight, dry after use



This sculptural vessel displays a charming geometrical design, taking on the appearance of a set of cubes fused together at altering depths and heights. The individual faces and edges play with light and shadow, allowing for an appreciation of the dark tones and rough texture. An opening can be found along one of the vessel’s edges, following harmoniously with the geometric form. With a timeless feel, this vessel emits an aura of tranquillity.

About the Artist

Born in Hyogo, Japan, Kouzo Takeuchi graduated from the Osaka University of Arts in 2001 and followed by Tajimi Municipal Ceramic Design Institute, Gifu, in 2003.

His sculptural ceramics works were born through a fascination with geometric shapes, and inspiration from the ancient ruins in South America. His interest in the themes of decay combined with a goal to create beautiful objects, creates enticing architectural forms, with surfaces reminiscent of weathered stone, both strong and delicate.

With his works displayed in exhibitions around the world in both public and private collections, including Victoria & Albert Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Takeuchi has fast become an established name in ceramics.