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Sonoko Matsuda is a glass artist born in the Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan and is currently based in Kyoto. She graduated from Tama Art University in 2011 and completed her Master’s of Glass at Tokyo University of the Arts in 2013. She creates glass boxes that feature intricate designs inspired by nature and are intended to hold precious items. Matsuda believes that something ‘precious’ is something that embraces temporality and holds hope for the future: a ring, a stone, a leaf or even the air, something thats value is not determined by others but which reflects a person’s life. Thus, her glass boxes are titled ‘ときの箱(Toki no Hako) - The Box of Time.’ Created using a kiln casting technique followed by a long process of coldworking, carving and molding, and sandblasting, Matsuda hopes that her ‘boxes of time’ will enrich the lives of those who use them and that these will help them reconsider things we tend to forget.


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