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Dora Good Volcanic Sideways Bottle
Dora Good Volcanic Sideways Bottle

Dora Good Volcanic Sideways Bottle


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Handmade in Majorca

Dimensions: Ø 26cm x H 20cm

Materials: Stoneware clay and volcanic glazes

Method:  Hand thrown and hand altered

Care: Not watertight



A wide bellied form that finds its way to an elegant neck and rim, this bottle displays how she uses the flame of her gas kiln to her advantage, to make wonderful and unique one-of-a kind pieces with spectacular and organic textures. It reveals Dora’s aim to create an object of imperfect perfection through crudely refined line and form, and to transform the earth into an object of beauty to outlive its creator.


About the Artist

Dora Alzamora Good is part of the Alzamora and Good family matriarchal trio, living and working in Majorca. She is a third generation practitioner of ceramics. The inspiration for Alzamora Good’s designs come from her surroundings; feeling her work is a quest to express the balance of nature - imperfect perfection, the crude and the refined, the line and the curve, the space or the lack of it.