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Masako Nakagami Miniature Nest Vase 10

Masako Nakagami Miniature Nest Vase 10

Maker: Masako Nakagami

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Handmade in Kyoto, Japan 

Dimensions: W 5cm x H 5cm

Materials: Porcelain  

Method: hand thrown and carved



Hand-thrown on the wheel Masako Nakagami's delicate nest vases have a smooth surface, created by mixing glaze into porcelain and polishing. Inspired by nature and the movements within it each piece is then hand-carved with soft lines, giving them unique yet subtle character. 


About the Artist:

Masako Nakagami is a Japanese ceramicist working in a range of techniques including hand building and wheel throwing to create her curved forms that feature expressive surface textures.

Masako worked at Kyoto University of Art and Design as an assistant teacher in the Department of Ceramics before moving to the UK and setting up her studio in East London. Now back in Kyoto, Masako exports her ceramics throughout the world.