Annette Lindenberg 'Drizzled skies' Sake cup
Annette Lindenberg 'Drizzled skies' Sake cup

Annette Lindenberg 'Drizzled skies' Sake cup

Maker: Annette Lindenberg

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Handmade in UK.

Dimensions: W 6.5cm x H 5cm

Materials: Stoneware with an iron black glaze, carefully drizzled silver droplets 

Method: Hand Sculpted, Kurinuki (the Japanese technique of hollowing solid clay)

Care: Non-functional



This small sake cup is made from stoneware and glazed in an iron black glaze with contrasting silver droplets, showcasing Lindenberg’s ability to elegantly balance complex textures with a finely sculpted jaggedness to create eye-catching work that evokes at once intimate personal stories and the vastness of nature.

About the Artist:

Annette Lindenberg is a German/British ceramicist, originally from Austria, whose work focuses on Kurinuki, the Japanese method of hollowing and carving blocks of clay. Prior to her MA, Annette graduated from Cardiff Metropolitan University with a BA in Artist: Designer Maker. She has exhibited at the British Art Fair at Saatchi and the London Art Fair with the gallery Modern Clay.

Over her time at the Royal College of Art she has explored artistic glazing, experimenting with new formulations, unusual application techniques and methods of firing. Her range of tea bowls and cups explore her personal connection to the sea, an interest in geology and clay carving method.