Emelie Abrahamsson 'Curve' Vessel 4
Emelie Abrahamsson 'Curve' Vessel 4
Emelie Abrahamsson 'Curve' Vessel 4

Emelie Abrahamsson 'Curve' Vessel 4

Maker: Emelie Abrahamsson

Regular price £1,900.00

Handmade in Sweden 

Dimensions: Ø 37cm x H 32cm

Materials: Stoneware 

Method: Hand-built, coiled 

Care: Watertight, wipe dry after use 



This sculptural piece stands on a narrow base and widens at its midpoint, resulting in a bulbous form and organic feel. The off-white tone brings focus to the visibly rough textured surface, creating shadow from individual marks and subtle patterning. The rim of the vessel has a unique indentation that visually references the ceramic’s previous state as malleable clay. The overall effect is a blend of natural form and textural interest that invites engagement on a visual and tactile level.

About the Artist

Emelie Abrahamsson is an emerging ceramic artist based in Hönö, an island in the Swedish archipelago. She has been working with ceramics since 2018. Today, she runs her own company called  mliceceramics, with a strong focus on raw clay traditionally formed into soft, organic shapes - modern ceramic pieces combining art, design and functionality.