Felicity Keefe 'Imagined silence'
Felicity Keefe 'Imagined silence'

Felicity Keefe 'Imagined silence'

Maker: Felicity Keefe

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Handmade in UK

Dimensions: H 50cm x W 50cm 

Materials: Oil paint on canvas

Method: The paint is used thinly to build up layers and depth and then also in a thrown and splattered way to create spontaneous marks, texture and movement across the painted surface. 


This stunning painting by Felicity Keefe beautifully portrays a serene winter landscape where a river’s endless flow is the central element. The icy expanse reflects not only the physicality of water but also its metaphorical significance. Water, in its ice-cold, near frozen state, represents stillness and introspection. The bright cream horizon, juxtaposed with the dark blue of the river, invokes a sense of balance between opposing forces, much like the delicate equilibrium so-often found in nature. The hint of orange above the trees hints at a rising sun - a warm glow which the ice-cold river must soon succumb to as day breaks.

About the Artist

Felicity Keefe currently lives and works in Bath, UK. She has exhibited in galleries throughout the UK, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Paris and Singapore, and at all of London’s major Art Fairs. Keefe’s contemporary landscape paintings are inspired by her experience of the British landscape as it changes and reacts to seasons, weather and time. She is inspired by the blending of traditional landscape, literature and personal mythology. Her work is distinctive for its sense of atmosphere, often brooding, but also starkly beautiful. In Keefe’s art we see time working its magic in front of us. Nature is in constant transition, and this motion and fluidity is caught by Felicity through exquisite colours and striking tones.

“My work is inspired by states of flux, the change from day into night, summer into winter, calm into storm, outward into inward. The paintings have both an environmental and a metaphorical meaning for me and operate on both levels. They physically depict the essence of the landscape as it is effected by the changes in seasons and time, but they also describe an inner state of movement, flow and division.”