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Gaku Nakane Vase 8.2


Dimensions: H 12cm x Ø 11cm

Materials: Shigaraki clay 

Method:  Hand-thrown

Care: Not watertight. To clean dust lightly with a dry cloth 



This elegant vase showcases the artist's signature crackled technique, which is achieved by layering two types of clay. Nakane has drawn inspiration from nature, describing it as his muse. The vase features black vein-like markings that resemble a cracked eggshell or rivulets of water, further emphasizing this natural influence. 

About the Artist

Combining expressive silhouettes with intricate surfaces, Gaku Nakane explores the ambiguities of boundaries between the handmade and the naturally formed. Nakane is deeply moved by the landscape surrounding his idyllic countryside home in the Shiga prefecture. His works exhibit a sustained meditation on the palettes and textures of nature, observing with heightened perception the surfaces within the landscape.

Gaku Nakane Vase 8.2



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