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Hiroko Hatano Vase 4


Dimensions: H 10.4cm x W 5.6cm

Materials: Glass

Method:  pâte-de-verre, finished by hand carving and polishing

Care: To clean, please wash by hand in warm water. Not heat resistant. 



This vase embodies a harmonious blend of form and function, crafted in a translucent smoky grey glass that emanates a subtle inner glow. Formed from a minimal curvaceous body extending to a small aperture, Hatano skillfully displays her expertise in manipulating pigment, glass particles, and the graceful movement of air bubbles. Employing the pâte-de-verre technique, where glass powders are pressed into a mould and finished through a long process of carving and polishing, the result is a smooth sculptural surface that invites tactile exploration and exudes a refined vitality.


About the Artist

Tokyo-based glass artist Hiroko Hatano has been working with glass since 2008. Using a kiln casting method, Hatano creates pieces finished through a diligent carving and polishing process, favouring simple forms that showcase her use of pigment, glass particles, and air bubbles. The result is a dynamic exploration of her material that is both refined and energetic.

Hiroko Hatano Vase 4



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