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Hiroshi Toyofuku Ceramic Vessel 8


Dimensions: H 30cm x W 16cm 

Materials:  Hiyose clay

Method:  hand built, wood fired

Care: Can hold water. Dust lightly to clean.



Produced in Bizen with the local hiyose clay, this expressive vessel possesses a monolithic form, rich dark tones, and an earthy texture. The wood-firing process lasts over a week and results in spontaneous and unpredictable patterns and textures, stunning testaments to the material's inherent beauty. Distinguished by the marbled, stratified surface of the clay, the angular forms of Toyofuku’s pieces are intended to showcase this effectively. Made by piling up string-like clay, the technique is one of the most primitive methods and results in a dynamic piece that balances historicity with a contemporary flair.


About the Artist

Based in the Bizen area of Okayama, Hiroshi Toyofuku is a ceramicist whose pottery is distinguished by a marbled, stratified surface and angular forms. Bizen has been the centre of Bizen-ware production for over a thousand years and is characterized by unglazed, wood-fired kilns, and firings that last more than a week. Each piece is a testament to the inherent beauty, honesty, and history within Toyofuku’s materials and production methods.

Hiroshi Toyofuku Ceramic Vessel 8



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