Jaejun Lee Moon 1
Jaejun Lee Moon 1
Jaejun Lee Moon 1
Jaejun Lee Moon 1

Jaejun Lee Moon 1

Maker: Jae Jun Lee

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Handmade in UK

Dimensions: ø 30cm x H 25cm

Materials: Porcelain 

Method:  Wheel thrown and glazed porcelain. 1280 reduction fired

Care instructions: Water-tight, keep indoors to avoid sudden change in temperature.




Hand thrown by the highly regarded ceramicist Jaejun Lee, who skilfully works with porcelain. Made with modern sensibility, this moon jar is tactile and silky smooth, with an elegant unadorned rim. The simplicity of this piece makes it timeless, bringing  light touches to any environment. Without worrying about the ‘rules’ of making, Lee says that there are infinite possibilities in creating these traditional works of art, and this impressive series of works explore just that.


About the Artist

Jaejun Lee first exhibited in London at the Saatchi Gallery ‘Collect’ exhibition in 2013 and has been invited back to ‘Collect’ every year since. Widely exhibited since 2013 in Seoul, Taipei, Munich, and London including ‘Ceramic Art London’ at Central Saint Martins.

Jaejun Lee's love for making and creating comes through in his work. His work has evolved over the past 6 years through many iterations to this year’s elegant, simple 'M type' for which he chose porcelain with Zirconium silicate and excluded all other colors used in previous years. Both sides are white, but since porcelain with zircon is much whiter than white porcelain, the separation between the two whites still exists. Without the glaze, the distinction shows even more effectively; “I liked this calm division of colors. For this reason I chose to polish parts of my work without the glazing stage and the other with it”.

Quality is very important to Jaejun; he spends more time polishing than turning, trimming, and firing combined. He uses 60 to 3000 grade diamond polishing paper to achieve different results. “Polishing is such a tiresome process that my whole body aches after the work is done. However, once I am done with this process and look at my finished works, I truly understand what the most important aspects of creation are to me.”

Jaejun Lee: “I hope my work can enrich not only myself but also the beholder’s lives, and bring comfort to them."