Jayne Armstrong Bowl Form in Oak
Jayne Armstrong Bowl Form in Oak

Jayne Armstrong Bowl Form in Oak

Maker: Jayne Armstrong

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Handmade in France.

Dimensions: Ø23cm x H8cm 

Materials: Oak

Method: Sourced from a neighbouring village, this oak piece has been turned on a lathe from green wood to approximately 1mm thickness. Once finished, the piece was left to dry naturally, allowing the piece to find its form before brushing, dying and finishing with wax. The surface of the piece tells the story of the life of the tree through the patterning of the growth rings. It is light in weight thus defying the reputation of oak as weighty and substantial.

Care: These pieces are largely sculptural and should be handled with care and kept away from sources of direct sunlight and heat. Each piece has a protective finish. They should not be washed, but wiped clean with a damp cloth from time to time to remove dust.



This small vessel appears simple, but closer inspection reveals its complexities. The dark colour, a complex brown-black, serves to cohere the various textures of the piece, while allowing these ridges and grooves to be prominent as well.


About the Artist

Jayne Armstrong is an artist and maker in wood. Jayne works primarily in fresh, green wood to explore the sculptural and aesthetic possibilities of a material that moves and changes shape as it dries. Her work is intended to play with the boundary between sculpture and function and to challenge expectations of the material itself. The resulting forms are fluid, undulating and frequently monochromatic in tone.

Jayne’s background as an academic within the field of cultural studies informs and underpins her approach to her work. Her work is experimental and exploratory, drawing from art history, design history and philosophy. She describes her work as a dialogue between material, concept, technology and technique.