Koichi Onozawa Black Bowl 8
Koichi Onozawa Black Bowl 8
Koichi Onozawa Black Bowl 8

Koichi Onozawa Black Bowl 8

Maker: Koichi Onozawa*

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Handmade in Japan

Dimensions: H 9cm x Ø 19cm 

Materials: Stoneware 

Method: Thrown

Care: Wash by hand or wipe with a damp cloth



This rounded vessel is made using a Japanese lacquer called Urushi, and is finished with burnish. The artist uses traditional Japanese materials and methods to create a new form of expression – in this case, a vessel which carefully rests upon a small base, opening up into a delicately rimmed bowl.


About the Artist

Koichi Onozawa is a successful studio ceramicist from Nakagawa, Tochigi Prefecture. He originally comes from Tokyo, where he studied economics. Following graduation, Onozawa turned his hand to ceramics, continuing his education at a well-known ceramic school in Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture, from which he graduated in ceramic design in 2008. Calling upon a Japanese aesthetic sensibility he finds within, which sees beauty in unpredictability, Onozawa’s vessels seek to express the ‘integration of primitive beauty in modernity’ through their forms reminiscent of the ancient Yayoi pottery of Japan - achieving a new and unique mode of expression by means of traditional Japanese materials and methods.