Louise Egedal 'Lunar no. 07'
Louise Egedal 'Lunar no. 07'

Louise Egedal 'Lunar no. 07'

Maker: Louise Edegal

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Handmade in Denmark.


Materials: Black stoneware with white slip and silk matte glaze

Method:  Wheel thrown. Glazed inside. The intuitive scratch marks on the shoulder have been made by hands. Fired to 1260 C

Care: Clean gently with a damp sponge



A bold silhouette with tactile surface texture, this deep black brown stoneware moon is given movement and life through a white slip, matt glaze and intuitive scratch marks. The dry surface and contrasting tones add a energetic element to the work, reflecting the process of its making. 


About the Artist

Louise Egedal works across artistic fields, in ceramics, painting, photography and sculpture, on the island Funen in Denmark. Her ceramic pieces are inspired by Japanese Wabi-sabi aesthetics and her classical Danish craft education, her characteristic style that she refers to as “Nordic Wabi-sabi.”
Louise’s rustic and vivid stoneware pieces are thrown on the wheel, and subsequently chiselled and carved. Marks from the process of creating are purposefully left to emphasize its hand-made production and that each piece is one of a kind. Muted tones evoke the clam and stillness of natural surroundings.