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Sarah Jerath Oak Ash Bowl


Dimensions: W 22cm x H 6cm 

Materials: Local clay, slip and shale

Method: Coiled


This organic, asymmetrical bowl uses a combination of local clay slip and shale. Its modulating glossy green interior is in flux between the hues of moss and chromium oxide dispersing at its outer lip to unveil the natural pigment of the clay. Its rugged edge and shallow construction is complimented by the warm umber and shale inclusions on its exterior surface.

About the Artist:

Sarah Jerath studied Ceramics, Sustainable and Natural Silicate Material Research at Lancashire University and is interested in the way that working with clay is embedded into cultural paradigms.

Sarah lives in Lancashire where she grew up, with views of Snowdonia, the Lake District, the Irish Sea, the woods and fields surrounding her. Her love for the landscapes and natural habitats captivated her imagination and she works with natural, geological materials that she finds around her home. 

Sarah’s ceramic works take organic forms and display an influence of ancient primitive pottery. The process and making are as significant as the finished vessel. Alongside her art she has been making tableware collections for Michelin chefs since 2012. Sarah uses some of the natural materials like tree ash and minerals to create a body of work that has a simple organic aesthetic.

Sarah Jerath Oak Ash Bowl



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