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Sophie Cook Small teardrop dry pink

Sophie Cook Small teardrop dry pink

Maker: Sophie Cook*

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Handmade in England

Dimensions: H 33cm x ⌀ 12cm

Materials: Porcelain 

Method:  Hand thrown and carved 



A poetic form finished with a characterful tone, Cook is continually influenced by the beautiful Suffolk landscape, through the kaleidoscope of colour surrounding her. She chooses the tone of the vessel is to align with its form, resulting in a completely unique piece. They require great skill to create, due to the delicate neck of the vessels, which Sophie has developed through her practice. 

A statement piece whether displayed individually or collectively, with a colour sure to bring joy.


About the Artist

Sophie Cook graduated from Camberwell School of Arts in 1997 with a series of bottles in varying shades of matt turquoise. This was her reaction to the glazes conventionally used in traditional ceramics, which she deemed dull. Sophie now works with a huge variety of tones, which function more than merely as surface decoration, and are integral to Sophie’s designs.