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Enriqueta Cepeda

Enriqueta Cepeda

Enriqueta Cepeda builds her pieces by hand in her Stockholm Studio. Inspired by Japanese pottery and the Japanese aesthetic, she also draws inspiration from the distinct characteristics of Etruscan art and Greek and Egyptian antiquities. 

Hand building is 'a slow way to work that suits me'. The expression is enhanced by smoothing the surface with a stone before firing and polishing with organic beeswax after firing, creating a harmonious item that is fine to hold. She uses only lead-free glazes. All pieces hold water.

Some pieces are smoked; an old primitive technique that gives exciting results. The objects are fired at 1,000 degrees and then burnt in an open fire. The flames of the fire create patterns and give life to the surface. She does not use any glazes or oxides in the smoke fires.


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