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Please note - Orders from the 'Nothing Gold Can Stay' exhibition will be dispatched from the 31st July.

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About Us

Nestled in the heart of Hampstead, London, Maud & Mabel is a gallery where contemporary art meets a profound appreciation for craftsmanship. Established in 2012, Maud & Mabel serves as a haven for art enthusiasts seeking unique, exquisite, and beautiful works from both established and emerging artists.

At Maud & Mabel, we aim to transcend the boundaries of our physical gallery space, inviting a global clientele of collectors and designers to connect with artists worldwide. Our commitment to showcasing fine crafts is guided by a set of aesthetic principles that champion mindfulness, storytelling, and a keen understanding of each artwork.

Nothing Gold Can Stay

11th - 27th July

An exhibition honouring the transient beauty of nature, bringing together eight international contemporary artists who skilfully capture this essence using materials sourced from the earth. Embracing the passage of time, their works infuse fleeting moments with enduring significance.

Our Artists

Explore our artists and available works. Featuring the work of over 90 internationally acclaimed, award-winning artists, we are honoured to share a diverse array of modern masterpieces, each reflecting innovative and creative expressions in contemporary art.


Photo Gallery

Discover inspiration in our image gallery, featuring extraordinary collaborations with contemporary stylists and photographers. Explore a collection of captivating visuals that showcase exceptional creativity and artistry, designed to spark your imagination and elevate your aesthetic sensibilities.

Featured Collections

Explore our curated collections, from captivating Japanese craft and contemporary Scandinavian ceramics, to traditional techniques such as Raku and Smoke firing. Discover exceptional artistry and craftsmanship through our diverse catalogue of works, each piece thoughtfully selected to inspire and enchant.


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