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'Of Water'

An exhibition of works by Celia Dowson, Chloé Rosetta Bell, Felicity Keefe and Craig Bamford


Maud & Mabel is pleased to present ‘Of Water,’ an exhibition showcasing the profound influence of water – its ceaseless ebb and flow – on the creative minds of four distinguished artists based in the UK. Water, in all its forms and moods, has long been a source of artistic inspiration. ‘Of Water’ aspires to connect these artist’s diverse disciplines, from ceramics to glass, paintings and metalwork, to this elemental theme. ‘Of Water’ unveils a collection which reflects distinct interpretations and emotional resonance to water in the creative process. Collectively, the pieces exude an ethereal, fluid quality from their respective manipulations of water. Dowson’s mastery of glass unveils the hidden beauty and fragility of water, inviting viewers to contemplate its depths and translucency. Rosetta Bell transcends traditional boundaries, as she harnesses raw materials to craft pieces that are both inspired by and born from the sea. A gifted painter, Keefe’s work captures the versatile nature of water, bringing to life its ever-changing forms throughout the seasons on canvas. Bamford’s work shapes the fluidity of water in delicate silver. His ethereal pieces, inspired by the myth and poetry of the sea, captivate with liquid grace. One work, a silver boat gliding amidst moonlit ripples, echoes a soothing line from John Masefield’s poem ‘Sea Fever’; “all I need is a boat and a star to sail by.” These investigations display an acute emotional sensitivity toward what each artist sees as the essence of water; at once both fragile and still, yet ever-changing and ever-flowing.



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