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Anna Silverton

Anna Silverton bowlAnna SilvertonAnna Silverton

Anna Silverton

Anna Silverton’s vases and bowls are wheel thrown in porcelain and each one is unique.  She finds the process of wheel-throwing inherently repetitive and it allows her to focus on gradual renewal and reinvention. “I search for shapes I find beautiful, making incremental modifications and teasing out new combinations of intriguing form. My pots have changed very gradually over time; similar themes reoccur alongside new discoveries as I search for the perfect shape and surface,” she explains. 

“I love working with porcelain and delight in the delicious throwing texture of it. I stretch its physical properties and tensile strength, with all the joys (and frustrations) that it can bring. I punctuate and hone the profile of each piece by turning, making incised bands. The surfaces are highlighted by different textured glazes which reflect or absorb the light and also add pleasurable tactile qualities.”

After completing her Foundation course at Cheltenham, Anna moved to London to train at Camberwell School of Art and subsequently gained her MA at the Royal College of Art. She has always had a studio in London and currently works from her house in Sydenham in the South East.  She also works part-time at Morley College in London as Program Manager of the HND Ceramics course. “I find it brings balance to my studio practice as a ceramicist, which is by nature solitary and contemplative.”




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