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Alessandra Taccia - Ceramics & Art

FORM & SPACE - the special collection that brings together Alessandra Taccia’s paintings and ceramics for the first time - exudes a sense of calm in the gallery at Maud and Mabel. The ceramic vases, bottles, jugs and bowls echo the forms in Alessandra’s paintings and create a multi-dimensional still-life.

Alessandra Taccia - Ceramics & Art
Viewing Alessandra’s ceramics alongside her paintings enables a deeper understanding of the inspiration she finds in Zen Philosophy.  Zen, the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese term ‘Ch’an’ which means meditation, is a meditation-based Buddhism. Zen Philosophy stresses that wisdom and compassion are expressed during everyday life. It is everyday life which is fundamental to Alessandra’s oeuvre, and it is also clear to see the meditative qualities evoked by her compositions. The objects in her paintings, now replicated in a contemporary ceramic form, are familiar to us in everyday life, ever-present and subsequently often over-looked. Alessandra draws attention to these domestic and unpretentious objects in her paintings by simplifying them to forms that border on abstraction. This simplification is aligned with the celebration of simplicity within Zen philosophy. Alessandra’s paintings feature no distractions, making the negative space surrounding the objects as important as the objects themselves. 

Alessandra Taccia - Ceramics & Art Blog
Alessandra’s ceramics are hand-built through coiling, many of them starting out as pinch pots. Their spectacular surface quality is achieved through a combination of techniques: leaving pieces unglazed or applying dry glazes. This creates an appearance of aging, weathering due to the passage of time. It is easy to imagine some of the pieces as precious remnants and treasures from past cultures, which makes sense when considering Alessandra’s interest in ancient artifacts from the Mediterranean area and the Far East. The surfaces of Alessandra’s ceramics lend the pieces character and warmth which makes them enticing to use, especially because of their wonderful tactile nature. The appeal to hold and touch Alessandra’s ceramics is a conscious decision by the artist, who created the work with the intention of being used. The ceramics are special pieces which will elevate the experience of daily rituals and allow the user to savour these moments in life.