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Maud & Mabel's latest collaboration with House of Grey.

Maud & Mabel is delighted to announce its latest collaboration with House of Grey. The company, founded by Louisa Grey, is dedicated to using non-toxic and natural resources sourced directly from the earth. Salutogenic Design principles are a foundation of their ethos, promoting an environment and lifestyle that fosters physical, and mental health well-being.


(Photograph Michael Sinclair).


In their latest project, House of Grey has partnered with Maud & Mabel's roster of dynamic artists to create a commercial workspace in Shoreditch, East London. The space at Ironmonger Row aims to provide the highest quality functional environments and promote human connection and contentedness.


(Photograph Michael Sinclair).


"Moving away from working remotely, is widely seen as a negative. Yet while many of us now crave flexibility, we also crave a human connection at work. How employers and employees negotiate and balance these two, seemingly opposing forces, takes empathy, understanding and trust." - Louisa Grey


(Photograph Michael Sinclair).


Our artists at Ironmonger Row play a crucial role in bringing stillness, peace, and contemplation into the workspace. Their natural forms contour the light, bringing nature into the heart of the city.


(Photograph Michael Sinclair).


Featured artists include:

Paul Philp | Enriqueta Cepeda | Hannah Blackall Smith | Tetsuya Ozawa | Cheng Wei | Louise Egedal | Craig Bamford | Takahashi McGil |


Shoreditch - Interior Design Project - Commercial workspace 
Circular Salutogenic Interior Design - House of Grey 
Photography - Michael Sinclair 
Stylist - Louisa Grey 



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