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Navigating the Soulful Creations of ‘Musuhi’: A Journey Through Japanese Craftsmanship.

In the tranquil ambiance of our gallery, our staff members hold a quiet reverence for the pieces featured in the Musuhi exhibition. Each work reflects the profound dedication and skill of the eleven artists and craftspeople from Japan. From the subtle intricacies of ceramic vessels to the understated elegance of woodwork and the subdued depth of painted canvases, our team finds themselves drawn into a contemplative state by the understated beauty and subtle nuances present in each creation. With a sense of quiet admiration, they invite you to join them in exploring the delicate interplay of form, texture, and emotion that defines this extraordinary exhibition.


(Masako Nakagami's vessel 12) "The essence of Kyoto emerges, a testament to her philosophy embodied in clay. Each piece, a whispered homage to her surroundings, delicately conjures the soul of her Kyoto habitat." - EE



(Gaku Nakane's Cup 1) "Delicate patterns cascade like falling stars amidst gentle waves, evoking a quiet reminiscence of ancient wall paintings, a subtle nod to the passage of time and the whispers of history." - Luna



(Koichi Onozawa's Kuro Utsuwa 20) "Beauty finds its form, exuding a quiet elegance that resonates with quality craftsmanship. Its serene presence effortlessly channels a Zen ambiance, harmonising seamlessly with the grace of any flower it holds." - Luna




(Masahiko Yamamoto's Elephant Sake Vessel) "Echoes of antiquity mingle with the earthy essence of time. Its playful guise, fashioned after an elephant, whimsically bridges the gap between ancient allure and contemporary charm." - Alex




(Sonoko Matsuda's Toki-no-Hako Rokkaku Karahana) "Beauty thrives in the delicate intricacy of its petite form, revealing its power in diminutive stature. Each meticulously carved detail bears witness to the dedication of time and labour, showcasing the breathtaking artistry inherent in carved glasswork." - Alex




(Marie Higashi) "The allure lies in her self-taught journey. Inspired by moments of trauma, her pieces exude a paradoxical sense of calm and stillness, each stroke weaving a narrative of resilience. The intriguing flatness of her images belies their delicate qualities, inviting contemplation into the depths of her artistic expression." - J




(Takefumi Aoki 5) "Geometric elegance meets porcelain finesse. The contrast of textures on its surface whispers of intricate craftsmanship, drawing one into a quiet admiration of its meticulous creation." - Alex




(Hiroshi Toyofuku's Ceramic Vessel 8) "Bizen's rich history resonate through its monolithic form. With a deep, earthy texture and a rich, dark tone, it speaks volumes of tradition and time, quietly commanding attention." - El




(Masami Tokuda's Plate 706) "The innate beauty of natural materials shines through the capabilities of wood, dyes, and lacquer. Crafted from cherry tree wood and adorned with white rust lacquer, its simplicity belies the intricate harmony of elements, offering a captivating glimpse into the timeless allure of craftsmanship." - El
The aesthetic and passion for craft stem from a deep appreciation of Japanese tradition and craftsmanship, inspiring artists from around the globe. Their work embodies a unique fusion of diverse mediums, rooted in the legacy of master craftsmen. Yet, these contemporary artists skilfully weave modernity into tradition, breathing new life into age-old techniques and ideas. ‘Musuhi’ stands as a testament to the enduring beauty and profound depth of Japanese artistry, inviting us to immerse ourselves in its rich tapestry of creativity and heritage.


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