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Oseibo at Maud & Mabel: A Season of Giving Thanks

At Maud & Mabel, we have been long inspired by Japanese thinking, philosophy, craft and design principles. Since the beginning, we have been drawn to makers and pieces that embody refined simplicity and subtle beauty. It stems from a deep appreciation for the transformative, almost spiritual, power that the works we choose have on our surroundings.


Our founder and curator have been influenced by the notion of ma in Japanese aesthetics. Marepresents balance, and the space between objects. The negative space is what generates beauty, in its minimalism. Japanese design is often considered to be uncluttered, contemplative, and humbling. In our gallery, we seek to embody these principles within our space, and evoke a sense of wellbeing.


Our gallery doors are closed currently, but we have been inspired by this quote by Okakura Kakuzōfrom The Book of Tea.The art of life lies in a constant readjustment to our surroundings.’ The pieces we have curated have moved us, and brought us joy, and hope they will for you, too.
Oseibo is a Japanese winter gift-giving tradition, a time where people show each other gratitude and give thanks to those that have shown you kindness during the year. They are often given to those have taken care of our wellbeing, in one form or another – doctors, nurses and other caretakers, or our neighbours and colleagues. Oseibo, meaning ‘year-end’, is often presented mid-December, as an expression of appreciation and recognition.


As we enter our own winter giving season, we are grateful for the talented makers we have the pleasure of showcasing, and the community and supporters of Maud & Mabel who share our respect and interest for the works we curate.




By Erin Niimi Longhurst 



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