We are delighted to welcome exquisite new pieces from prestigious ceramic artist Mizuyo Yamashita.

Mizuyo Yamashita is a London based Japanese ceramic artist. Mizuyo is strongly inspired by the everyday use of lifestyle products. Small but bold, these vases help create balance, and an opportunity to add a touch of nature in an easy, delicate yet impactful way.

Mizuyo is well known for her variety of surface techniques: "I apply a variety of techniques on the thrown pieces such as shinogi (fluting), mishima (inlaying detailed patterns) and kohiki (covering the surface with white slip) which are all popular surface treatment in Japan but I am hoping the finished piece to match modern European interior."

Made on the potters wheel, using a combination of three different clays, with added grog (tiny pieces of pre-fired clay). Both decorative yet functional, these objects are either finished in a display of matt white glazes, transparent, or left unglazed, yet all of which act as a veil for revealing the clay's natural qualities, and encourages us to enjoy the beauty of the clay's speckled body.

We are particularly inspired by the effect of strong, straight form giving each piece a sense of personality. Mizuyo Yamashita’s work  successfully captivates our engagement with the natural aesthetic of the clay body. An addition of one of these miniature vases can be the perfect way to complete an arrangement, or equally enjoyed by itself with an elegant spring flower.

"I hope my tableware makes the users' everyday life a little more special."