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Karen at Maud and Mabel


Hello and welcome to the new online home of Maud and Mabel.  I'm Karen. Maud and Mabel is the name of my shop. As you will know if you have visited, my shop is, I suppose, the proverbial 'small package' but just as the saying goes, it is full of good things. Objects of beauty with stories to share, handmade pieces with energy embedded in the very fabric of them; antique furniture, vintage linens, art, reclaimed wood and glassware... I source every piece personally and enjoy little more than introducing customers to my collections. Combining a long love of ceramics and beautiful things with a propensity to construct comfort camps and cosy corners wherever I can or feel I ought to, Maud and Mabel is my home style venture and it's my passion and my creative outlet.  I welcomed my first customers in to my carefully curated world in March and since then have been thrilled (not to mention a little bit overwhelmed) by the supportive and warm reception I've received from customers and neighbours in Hampstead. Thank you for stopping by my new blog. I'm very excited about it.  I promise to create a cosy Maud and Mabel corner on the internet as best I can! I will publish regular blog posts here of course, but you can also find Maud and Mabel on Facebook and on Twitter. I'm enjoying no end of fun experimenting with Pinterest at the moment too so if you are a likeminded 'pinner', then please do link with me. Wow.  My first blog.  Time to celebrate I think.


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