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Akiko Hirai

Here at Maud and Mabel we are inspired by and informed by the Zen aesthetic of design or ‘Shibumi’ - a combination of 7 guiding principles.

'Whilst the work of artist Akiko Hirai imbues the principle of 'datzusoku' or 'surprise', it reflects many strands of Shibumi.
Here Akiko explains the following about her work...
'the waxing and the waning moon contain an expectation of completion whether it is going to be the start or the end. We are seeing the moon at the same time we are seeing our perception of time or whatever it is, we see something progressing. To some my work may appear to be imperfect because perfection contains only one message which is clearly defined by the maker. My attempt is to create the condition of progress in my work. Something ambiguous, unsettled and imaginative so that the user of my work sees many different aspects from the object.”
Here a sensational teapot reveals both texture and depth. The stoneware clay body is simple yet complex. The imperfections delight and surprise whilst the form retains a quiet balance. Observe closely and glazed teardrops lie perfectly on the surface.
Akiko's dobbin teapot


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