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Maud and Mabel visit to Maze Hill Pottery

The Maud and Mabel team made an exciting visit to Maze Hill Pottery last week, exploring the strong, fluid shapes of Lisa Hammond’s functional ware.

Lisa’s forms, hand thrown on the potters wheel, are each consciously crafted to be enjoyed daily.  With a satisfying soda-fired finish, Lisa never fails to remind us of the clay's natural plasticity.

Soda firing is an atmospheric firing technique, where sodas such as sodium bi-carbonate and sodium carbonate are introduced to the process at peak temperature. In the heat the soda vaporises and bonds with the surfaces of the pots to form a sodium-silicate glaze.

We are thrilled that we will soon be able to share such delights with you. Until then, here are a few snaps of our visit, and some of the treats we look forward to showing at Maud and Mabel.

Lisa's apprentice, Florian Gadsby on the wheel.


Wedging- a process which releases the air from the clay.