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Akiko Hirai @ Maud and Mabel

Just in time for Christmas, we have received a stunning collection of work from renowned ceramic artist Akiko Hirai.

Hand thrown faceted jug, as part of Akiko's 'still life' collection. This exclusive jug is both functional and decorative.

Akiko Hirai's elegant stoneware jug is hand sculpted with matt exterior and glazed interior. The beauty of this faceted jug would be a piece increasingly appreciated over time.  Within its form and tones it is almost deceiving in its simplicity, yet with an interesting textured surface.  It is high fired and and fully functional.

These 'still life' Morandi inspired stoneware bottles are beautifully original. This work is pure and poetic. The bottles have a completeness that is quiet, restrained and controlled. Either displayed as a small clustered group or as a stunning one off, they will create a tranquil calm atmosphere.