Brigitte Colleaux

Having encountered ceramics by accident at a local art centre, Brigette first practice pottery under Ray Silverman and went on to take classes from Lisa Hammond at Maze Hill Pottery. After years of making pottery in her free time, Brigette decided to become a full time potter in 2014 and has since set up her own studio in Woolwich as well as joined Svend Bayer's wood firing team. She designs for the everyday, simple life, focusing on forms and function, often experimenting with glazes.

BrigitteĀ makes tableware decorated with wood-ash glazes.

"I keep my forms simple to give the glazes a voice.
Glazes are what excites me the most in my work. I test for the sake of it, often with no objective in mind; there are no borders, you become an explorer, an adventurer. Every new source of ash is a playing field where I get to find new exciting games."

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