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Singapore potter Sean Lim first learned his craft from master potters at Sam Mui Kuang Pottery over a decade ago and now pots in limited batches that have become highly-collectible.

His characteristic snowfall series was first inspired by a snowy Durham winter, and its aesthetic later on developed over visits to the Arctic High North. Sean has been making his ‘tsubo’ form for years, a shape extolled by many as ‘little universes’ of their own. He strives for a varied ‘snowscape’ across each piece. From luscious whites to delicate bubbles, visual texture is achieved through the skilful layering of several glazes over a heavily grogged body mixed from various sources including his own backyard. Enjoyed as a single piece or displayed as a family of pots, an ever-changing wintery scene – snowfall, mist, thawing slush, and streams in the light – slowly reveals itself.
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