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Alessandra Taccia is an Italian painter and ceramist. She studied Fine Art at Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti, Genova and currently lives and works in Cambridge, England. 

Taking inspiration from ancient artefacts from the Mediterranean and the Far East, as well as Zen philosophy and Theosophy, Taccia finds her subject matter in the everyday, favouring still-life presenting unpretentious objects and the beauty of the mundane - ‘to find the sublime in the menial tasks’. Her work often exhibits a re-imagining of the traditional artefact, creating a feeling that could be described by the Japanese concept of wa (to achieve harmony); combining familiarity with the artist's imagination, imbuing her subject with evocations while retaining its core essence and object-hood. Through eliminating all elements considered excessive and employing a sparse use of colour, Taccia conveys her singular aesthetic. In omitting distractions, the space surrounding her objects acquires the same importance as the focus on the objects themselves, increasing the threshold of the viewer's attention. This results in an intriguing balance of the figurative and the abstract.

Alessandra’s painterly exploration of space and composition, particularly negative space, has in recent years been translated from painting to ceramics, comprising a collection of understated, quietly powerful forms. Tall and slender drinking vessels, jugs and vases originate as pinch pots which are then developed through a coiling process. Their earthly hues and matte surfaces are achieved through applying dry glazes or simply leaving the exterior unglazed. Both functional and sculptural, her works can be used everyday, elevating the experience of daily rituals. Taccia’s restrained approach results in a concise expression of ideas. 




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