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Ram Rijal Sliced Sapphire pendant bracelet

Ram Rijal Sliced Sapphire pendant bracelet

Maker: Ram Rijal

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Handmade in UK

Size: L 15.5cm 

Materials: 22ct gold, Sapphire



This delicate sapphire pendant bracelet presents sophistication and organic beauty. A fine gold link chain is adorned with a striking asymmetrically cut sapphire stone encased in a hammered gold rim. The grey blue tones of the stone shift in the light, and strokes embedded within add character. A small red bead sits at the end of the chain, fastened with a circular clasp. The combination of each element results in a timeless design.

About the Artist

Ram Rijal grew up in Nepal, where he spent much of his time watching the craftsmen in Kathmandu hammering and forging their creations. He is a self-taught jeweller, now living and working in London, and his memories of Nepal are fundamental to his jewellery designs. His designs are informed by the precious stones that he uses. His work has been displayed in prestigious galleries and featured in many publications.