CHADO : The Way Of Tea


The Way Of Tea 
Popalini & Jezando 
Pacha Design


This exhibition brings together the works of two sets of artists, Popalini & Jezandon and Pacha Design, whose unique and timeless teaware creations combine an interest in Japanese tradition with inspiration from the South of England. ‘Chado’ describes the Japanese practice and art form of preparing and presenting powdered matcha green tea in a ceremonial manner. ‘Chado’, dating back to the 9th Century, is often translated as, ‘The Way of Tea’, and emerged from the philosophy of Zen Buddhism. The ceremony emphasises the necessity to treasure the moment and to recognise the beauty in simplicity.  
With the exquisitely crafted bespoke trays of Pacha Design and the striking sculptural ceramic teapots and teacups of Popalini & Jezando, this exhibition demonstrates how the experience of drinking tea can be elevated to one of reflection and contemplation. With Pacha Design’s and Popalini & Jezando’s striking and organic work, the daily ritual cultivates a magical, calming atmosphere.

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