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Elizabeth Gorringe is an Oxfordshire based potter. Self-taught, her hand thrown pieces bring together minimalism and a quiet restrained balance that allows for purity and functionality. A selection of her works use a white gloss glaze, applied to the surface to allow for beauty through sheen and reflection. Other pieces display a matte charcoal surface with an atmospheric feel.

With a focus on functionality, her pieces can seamlessly be integrated into daily living, a driving point for Gorringe’s practice. Their daily presence brings a familiarity, mirrored in the minimalist aesthetic and balanced form. Each piece holds a sense of comfort and encourages repeated use in the rituals of everyday routine. Alongside her pieces designed for practical use, are also works designed to be displayed for moments of peaceful reflection. These works meld together poeticism and movement, showcasing the dynamism and expressive nature of the process of creation.


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