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Exhibition: Celia Dowson


Celia Dowson is a graduate from Central St Martins and is completing her MA at the Royal College of Art. Prior to graduating, Celia studied Renaissance Sculpture in Florence focusing on techniques in sculpting the figure.  London based, she is excited by subtleties in form and creating a stillness through her work. Attracted to working with porcelain for its whiteness and the way it holds stains and glazes, as well as the translucent quality which can reflect light in beautiful ways, Celia finds a ritual and meditation in the shaping of porcelain, also enjoying the challenge that comes in trying to avoid the warping and cracking that come so easily to the material. Describing porcelain as having “a memory”, Celia explains that porcelain is particularly responsive to how it is handled, meaning that one has to always be present when working with it. Excited by the surface quality of ceramics and how she can use the speed of a rotary machine to fold black and white porcelain together in a way which captures the energy of the making process and can enable an abstract landscape to be embedded in a vessel, Celia notes that one of the most important characteristic of porcelain in her work is that, at unlike other clays, it vitrifies at high temperatures, which she then polishes, enhancing its natural qualities and creating a soft, tactile surface that you don’t often see within ceramics.
Pieces in the Porcelain exhibition will be dispatched after the 7th of July 




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