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Ditte Blohm Foraar no6


Handmade in UK.

Dimensions: D 32cm x H 28cm 

Materials: Porcelain 

Method:  hand-built



Gracefully moulded, this porcelain vase stands with a solid rounded form, curving inwards to a slight and gentle neck. The asymmetric opening burst outward from the neck, adorned with delicate curves and folds. The subtly scalloped edge and thin cloth-like ripples exude elegance. The vase’s surface, smooth with subtle indentations, displays a pale cream hue that lends to the timeless allure. Crafted with care, this vase harmoniously combines a blend of strength and fragility.


About the Artist

Ditte Blohm was born in Denmark, and has a background in fine art and specialised in experience based pieces. Ditte is especially drawn to the medium of porcelain. Her work is inspired by merging attitudes of danish and Japanese design, focusing on the Japanese ideology of the imperfect, impermanent and incomplete, against the inherent serenity of the Scandinavian design aesthetic.

Ditte Blohm Foraar no6



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