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Grace Alzamora is part of the Alzamora and Good family matriarchal trio, living and working in Majorca. Grace was born in Peru and her unique and distinctive hand-built ceramics, made from high fire stoneware, are informed by her South American roots, as well as Greek and Asian ancient pottery. She has travelled extensively throughout Europe and the Americas. These experiences have resulted in ceramics which draw on multiple sources of inspiration. 

Her career in ceramics and sculpture began in 1992, when she moved to Boca Grande, an island on the Gulf of Mexico. She was taught by her mother and sister Mariana, who had started a studio there.  

Grace mainly hand builds her beautiful and ‘perfectly imperfect’ pieces. They are formed from high fire stoneware and occasionally terracotta. Grace creates her own special glazes with local, natural materials. The final elements of Grace’s practice are burnishing and pit-firing. This technique enhances the texture and patterning of her ceramics, which, as well as being totally unique, evoke the passing of time.


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