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Abigail Schama 'Euphrosne'


Handmade in UK

Dimensions: Ø 25cm x H 26.5cm (Including handle)

Materials: Stoneware 

Method: Hand thrown

Care instructions: Water tight, dust lightly to clean 


Abigail’s latest ceramic works constitute a breathtaking homage to Greek mythological goddesses. ‘Euphrosne’ exudes an enchanting blend of simplicity and intricacy. Rendered in a harmonious palette of whites, this work is a profound ode to timeless storytelling through art.

Schama’s jugs are not just vessels; they are narrative in form. With looping handles that conjure a sense of graceful dance, they embody the very essence of movement, even in stillness. Their textured, rough surfaces seem to echo the tales of ancient times, where myths flowed like the liquids they now hold.

In Schama’s own words, a jug is a “doing vessel,” perpetually engaged in its roles of containing and pouring life’s essential fluids. These jugs carry the spirit of the water carriers of antiquity, individuals entrusted with the sacred task of gathering the elixir of life. In ‘Euphrosne,’ Schama breathes life into clay, transforming it into vessels that bridge the gap between function and artistry, reminding us of the enduring power of myth and the human connection to the elemental.


About the Artist

London based ceramic artist, Abigail Schama, came to pottery from painting. Abigail Schama’s hand thrown, stoneware bowls tell stories through surface. Any bowl is basic and universal in its meaning. The process of building up and then turning the form creates their skin and character. Abigail relies on the processes of slipping and chattering; words which describe human contact.

Abigail plays with a palette of dolomite and transparent glazes. Each piece undergoes a further firing to be lightly gilded with (24 carat) gold lustre, which highlight the shape of each form and create an intriguing contrast with the more humble tones and textures of her work.

Abigail Schama 'Euphrosne'



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