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Marie Eklund is a woodworker who uses minimal tools to create objects that express her skilful and pure approach to carving. Marie splits her time between Stockholm and Tångeråsa, in the countryside. Marie has a farm and small forest in Tångeråsa, which is where her handmade objects originate. She cuts down trees into small parts with an axe, before deciding on the most interesting pieces to dry. Her work is finished in Stockholm, when her meticulous use of a carving knife creates intricately crafted and refined pieces. Her practice is primarily an exploration of spoons, which she has created in original, playful forms and shapes. Marie creates richly coloured patinas using natural processes and materials, making her objects practical whilst maintaining their connection to their state of origin.

"I have been working with the elements for a while now. Fire, water and soil gives the wood different color tones with time. I basically put the wood into a fire, place it into a lake or dig it down into the ground and wait for the right look. Then I use nothing but ax and knife to create different shapes. I have chosen to keep everything very simple. No machines, no electricity, I can be anywhere doing this, free, happy."


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