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Craig Bamford 'A star to sail by'



Dimensions: H 40cm x W 27cm

Materials: Silver, steel and brass.

Method: Handcrafted

Care: Dust lightly using a natural cloth, being careful on the more delicate parts



‘A Star to Sail by’ is a captivating artwork that marries steel, brass and silver to form an ethereal and delicate masterpiece. The artist’s creative process becomes a mesmerizing dance between concept and craft, with the aim of encapsulating the cosmic beauty within tangible materials. Steel’s remarkable versatility allows it to take on delicate and slender forms while maintaining strength, embodying a visual weightlessness.

At the heart of this work lies a poignant narrative. The artist’s inspiration describes from a cherished memory of their father reciting a line from John Masefield’s ‘Sea Fever,’ which reads, “All I need is a boat and a star to sail by..” This verse invokes a profound sense of wonder, simplicity, and an unshakeable connection between earthly endeavours and the vastness of the universe, all amplified from the point of view of a man sailing by his lonesome on the endless, boundless sea. 

With a star symbolising an unwavering guide, ‘A Star to Sail by’ invites viewers to embark on a journey of inner peace. The artwork encapsulates the essence of this timeless verse, infusing it with a delicate, luminous quality that inspires serenity and introspection.


About the Artist

SASA Works is the vision of artist, architect, designer and master craftsman Craig Bamford. Raised in Kenya, Bamford was here significantly influenced by the wild landscape and a notable focus on the handmade - informing his founding philosophies and motivating him to pursue studies in metalwork, carpentry and architecture. Drawing on these disciplines, Bamford explores the poetics of space with a strong emphasis on writing, drawing and painting as part of his process. Working alongside a small team of artisans, Bamford creates collections and spaces with a unique sense of style, formed through a relationship to materials that are locally sourced, reclaimed and reimagined to illuminate their own unique story.

Craig Bamford 'A star to sail by'



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