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Chris Keenan Mug


Dimensions: W 13.5cm x H 9cm

Materials: Limoges porcelain

Method:  Hand thrown

Care: Functional, wash with care and wipe dry after use.



Chris Keenan’s mugs are an ode to simplicity and elegance. Crafted with an artful touch, these mugs exude warmth and comfort. Their rounded soft form, bringing to mind a friend's embrace, invites you to cradle this piece in your hands. The pale blue colour, reminiscent of a tranquil sky, gives a soothing aura.

Hand-crafted with a potter’s expertise, these works are carefully designed for comfort. Specifically, the handles offer a tactile experience that complements the mugs’ aesthetic appeal. These mugs, intersecting at the point of art and utility, exemplify the marriage between form and function.


About the Artist

Chris Keenan embarked on his ceramic journey in his mid-thirties by beginning an apprenticeship with renowned artist Edmund de Waal. Keenan’s work thrives in the beauty of simplicity, finding solace in the delicate nuances that emerge from the rhythm of repeated but subtly distinct shapes. Each vessel and form is a testament to the artistry of variation, where the slight shifts within orderly rows mirror the ever-evolving cadence of the natural world, embracing change and growth.

Chris Keenan Mug



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